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7 Christmas Movies to Check Out in Theaters and on Netflix That Are Just in Time for the Holidays


1- The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

This is a story about 2 kids, a brother and a sister, who can’t get along, but happen to get on a journey with Santa after sneaking into his sleigh. They now become liable for helping Santa after they accidentally play a neighborhood in crashing his sleigh. They then need to help fix everything, help Santa on his mission of delivering presents on time until morning, and convey the Christmas spirit back to their house. This movie may be a true Christmas fairytale and maybe pure joy for both kids and adults

2. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

To prove that she is responsible, the heiress to a multimillion-dollar business of her father is forced to travel incognito with only $100 to her hometown, where she has never been. She has got to deliver a special Christmas package but happens to be forced to stay around for a short time to find out some important lessons from the people around her. this type of movie won’t leave anyone indifferent and can definitely put you within the right Christmas mood.





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