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No, The Last of Us 2 still does not make you kill the dogs

Fans are reacting with disgust at some truly grim promotion for The Last folks 2, but the developers are distancing themselves from it.

The material, which appears to possess originally come from a GameStop listing, highlights fighting and killing dogs as a bullet-pointed feature for the sport . While it’s true that enemies will use trained dogs to undertake and track Ellie, Naughty Dog has confirmed within the past that you simply do not have to kill them. as an example , you’ll sneak around them, or simply run away if they are doing find you.


Naughty Dog communications director Arne Meyer confirmed that the studio wasn’t involved the offending copy.

If you would like more context on how The Last folks 2 doesn’t expect you to kill dogs and feel terrible about yourself all the time, you’ll inspect our original story from September 2019 below.

Original story: The Last folks 2 debuted new gameplay in the week , with Naughty Dog and Sony holding a special media event for press to urge extended hands-on time with the sequel to the studio’s 2013 dystopian masterpiece.

A clear theme has surfaced across the slate of reactions to the newest footage, however, and it relates to a fresh gameplay feature for The Last folks 2: enemy guard dogs can scent out Ellie’s scent and hunt her down.

Those who need to play the sport , including GamesRadar’s Rachel Weber, describe the harrowing experience of getting to kill these mutts in hand-to-hand combat purely to survive, but Naughty Dog has now confirmed that Ellie can avoid the… uh, naughty dogs altogether.

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